SG Academy

SG Academy

Personal Image Grooming/ Private Makeup Lesson

Every woman’s session for a reconstructive flawless makeover from a day-to-day outing to that special occasion. Here you can create the wow effect yourself and still give an impression of being made up by a professional. Infinite Perfection offers the best one-on-one consultation time catered to your specific need and this can either be spent with friends or a small group such as the bridal party running on a low budget.

In this class, you will teach quick application styles, basic skin care, how to enhance the makeup tips you already know and how to be a pro with your own makeup look from day to night in a few minutes. The rates are:

  • One person – – – – – – $100 (1hr)
  • 2 – 3 people – – – – – -$90 each (2 hrs)
  • 4 – 5 people – – – – – -$75 each (2 hrs)
  • 6 or more people – – $65 each (2 hrs)

To set up a private/ personal makeup session please call 8322477193.


Makeup Parties   $25 per person (8 people minimum)

This is a special girls time out deal where friends can hang out together to learn how they can enhance their looks on a day to day basis which can last 2-3 hrs ; an avenue for friends and colleagues, siblings or relatives to get to know each other and bonding comes easily to play. A great suggestion for a bridal shower and a special treat for the bridal party, you can also throw a makeup party for your birthday, slumber party, girl’s night in, bachelorette, just before a girl’s night out, or just for the fun of it.

Infinite Perfections will bring life to the fun event as we learn quick solutions to your makeup problems, Useful Makeup Tips and Tricks, Hands-on Practice, Makeup Games and Prizes will be given to active participants, makeup Q&A session and product sale at discount prices.

Your makeup party will be organized to soothe your guests makeup needs

Party Hostess will get a free makeover and photo session on a set date!

Party Hostess will get a CD copy of all pix taken at event for keepsake!